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Blind Flanges


A broad range of sizes of female NPT threaded pipe caps.

3/4" - 3", available in Ductile iron or Stainless steel.


A broad range of sizes of male NPT threaded plug assemblies with chain.

1/4" - 3", available in Ductile iron or Stainless steel.

Can be purchased without the chain.


Button Head Rivets

Button Head Rivets secure domelid eyebolts to the manway nozzle.

Our design features a cotter pin which allows for easy replacement.

Available in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel in various lengths and diameters.


Salco’s Manway Covers Available in Both 6- and 8-bolt Patterns

Can be Installed on Most Major Manufacturers’ Tank Cars


Eyebolt assemblies in all materials and sizes to fit every manway cover manufacturer. Car builder/lessor safety provision preferences are also available.

Manway Lift Assist

Nozzle gaskets

Our universal 4-Chevron slip on nozzle gasket design can be used in place of the manway cover gasket.

Quick installation; no glue necessary. Can be easily removed for cleaning or changing the gasket material.

Available in 18", 20" and 24" sizes with various gasket material options.

Seal Pins

Safety Relief

Unloading adapters

1" - 3" top loading/unloading fittings for product or air lines.

Product Part No. Description
Quick Connect Adapter 2" Thread On K2IMPA DI, CS Chain. Fits 2" Female NPT
Quick Connect Adapter 2" Thread On K2SMPA Fits 2" Female NPT, CF8M 316 SS, SS Chain
Top Fitting Assembly 1" Thread On K10SUMP1A Fits 1" Female NPT, 316 SS Adapter and Kammed Cap, Black Nitrile Gaskets, SS Straight Arms, SS Chain...
Top Fitting Assembly 2" Thread On K20IUMP1A Fits 2" Female NPT, DI Adapter, Kammed Cap, Black Nitrile Gasket, SS Straight Arms, CS Chain
Top Fitting Assembly 2" Thread On K20IUMP29A Fits 2" Female NPT, DI Adapter and Kammed Cap, Black Peroxide Cured EPDM Gaskets, SS Straight Arms,...



Threaded and flanged AAR approved ball valves.

Full or standard port in a variety of sizes.

Multiple valve manufacturers are available!

***Xomox is in process of obsoleting their 911/944 ball valves. Order yours today before these valves are no longer produced. Call us for more information.

Product Part No. Description
Ball Valve 1" Flanged XO93B430L-SRC DI, Xomox Tufline, 911/944 Full Port, 2-Way, Fully Lined PFA, ANSI Class 150 lb, Wrench/Lever Operator,...
Ball Valve 1" Threaded CA73A-105-52 CS, Apollo, Reduced Port, Forged, AAR Approval # E-119022, Standard Handle, (2) Tack-Welds on Body
Ball Valve 1/2" Threaded 1/2BWEV6 316 SS, Two Piece, Full Port, 1000 WOG
Ball Valve 2" Threaded CA73A-108-01 CS, Apollo, Reduced port



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