Gate Gasket with 32 Bolt Holes for ACF Bolt Pattern - Fits ACF, Keystone and Miner

Part #: GG1342

Salco Products (GG1342) Gate Gasket is made out of White FDA Vinyl. It features 32 bolt holes for an ACF bolt pattern, and fits ACF, Keystone and Miner gates. It is 69.63- inches long by 33.88-inches wide.

Key Features

  • Developed as a solution to customers' contamination, discoloration, and inadequate seal problems, field testing has proven Salco's Outlet Gate Pan Gasket superior in tensile strength and weatherability.
  • Provides an inside edge consistent with the gate and the car flange.
  • Made from a specially formulated elastomeric vinyl comprised of food-grade raw materials.
  • Has 100% weld penetration, resulting in superior strength in the mitered corners of the gasket.
  • Easy to install and replace. (mounting bolt kits available).
  • Accommodates all gate manufacturer's bolting patterns.
  • In Plastic Pellet service, prevents pellet entrapment.