30-Inch Vented Hatch Cover, Pullman

Part #: VPHC3007PUL

Salco Products (VPHC3007PUL) 30-Inch Vented Hatch Cover, ACF is made out of gray HDPE material, and includes a white FDA TPV gasket. Comes with an arm assembly that is made out of aluminum, and connected to the center of the hatch cover with 2 stainless steel bolts. Fits Pullman OEM arrangement.

Key Features

  • Lightweight HDPE. Significantly lighter than steel and fiberglass hatch covers at only 26 pounds. UV stabilized material is effective in all climates and weather conditions.
  • Hatch covers remain sealed during unloading. A full half-inch deflection on the gasket provides a uniform seal around the circumference of the hatch cover.
  • Hardware available for all major car manufacturers.
  • Properly used, will eliminate roof implosions.
  • Saves time, labor, and reduces accidents. No workers required on the roof during unloading.