Hopper Car

Carbon Black

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Brake Parts

Product Part No. Description
3/8 fitting socket weld 101121 3/8 fitting deep socket weld on w/flange
Air Brake Service Portion ABD With Exchange
Brake Rod 1201-1201-350 Straight, 45" overall length, 2 holes each end (1 1/8").
Brake Rod Eye 7/8 2557 with 1 1/8" Hole
Brake Rod Jaw 7/8 With Offset 3188


Product Part No. Description
Friction Casting 17803 For Ride Control
Friction Casting 609D
Friction Casting 787C 787C Barber S-2 Trucks
Friction Casting 834CB 834CB Barber S-2-HD Trucks
Friction Casting, Life Guard Wedge 877-LG W/ Pad, For Barber S-2-D Trucks

Wear Plates

Product Part No. Description
Body Center Plate 14" CP1403 1-1/4" X 20 3/8" X 18" 100 Ton, Weld-on.
Column Wear Plate CWP100B CS, 3/8"x7 1/2"x9 7/16", Bolt On, Round Hole
Coupler Carrier Wear Plate 1/2" CCWP100M Manganese, Drop-In.
Side Bearing Wear Plate AS458P19X16 19" X 16"
Side Bearing Wear Plate AS458P19X16.5 19" X 16.5"

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