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Acid Tank Car

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Conspicuity Tape

Salco offers the rail industry Reflexite conspicuity material – a high-visibility reflective tape that can greatly improve visibility and safety at night, in bad weather, and in poorly lit environments. Reflexite conspicuity material is unmatched for recognition and safety.

Product Part No. Description
Reflective Tape Bulk Strips 4" R4X150BW ORALITE®, White, 18" Long, 100/Pack, FRA-224
Reflective Tape Bulk Strips 4" R4X150BY ORALITE®, Yellow, 4" X 18" Long, 100/Pack, FRA-224
Reflective Tape Bulk Strips 4" R4X150BY36 ORALITE®, Yellow, 36" Long, FRA-224 **PACKAGED 50/Pack ONLY!!
Reflective Tape Roll 2" R2X150RW-66 ORALITE®, 6" Red 6" White, X 150'
Reflective Tape Strip R4X118Y ORALITE®, Yellow, 4" x 18" Strip, FRA-224

Grab Irons

Product Part No. Description
Handhold 18" AR6D650727 Double Bend, 11/16" Holes, CS
Handhold 19 1/2" AR6D650801 CS, Double Bend, 11/16" Holes.
Handhold 26 1/2" AR00001488 CS, ARI, Straight, 9/16" Holes
Handhold 28" AR00019592 CS, ARI, Double Bend, 11/16" Holes
Handhold Adjustable AR6U188000 Double Bend, 16-1/2" to 22", 11/16" Holes

Mid Rail Kits

Midrails and toe boards enclose tank car platforms and provide protection from workers slipping and falling off.

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