Chris King


Performance Assurance Engineer



NDT (MT,PT,UTT,LT,VT) Inspection Training (Inbound,In Process, Outbound, Rule 1 Gauges) 

AAR Audit Preparation, Root Cause Classes 

Consulting Service Benefits:

  • Expert Knowledge
  • Puts clients first
  • Skilled facilitator
  • Always thinking Win-Win
  • Focused on Synergy with all parties involved

Chris's Bio:

Chris King is a Performance Assurance Engineer with Salco's Regulatory Compliance Group for the last three years. Chris started in the railcar industry in paint and blast but move but moved to multiple positions in heavy repair, interior inspection, inbound inspection, in-process inspection, outbound inspection, NDT and Acoustic Emissions coordinator and supervisor. Chris also has a very broad background in quality and NDT having taught Root Cause Corrective Action classes as well as Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, Visual Inspection, Leak Testing and Inspection Training. Chris is also presently certified through NACE.

Salco History/Background:

Chris has over nineteen years in the railcar repair industry and consulting experience with companies such as Union Tank Car, Alltranstek, Watco and GBW. Chris took a break from the railcar industry a one point to own his own Sports Training business and also has worked in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry as a Process Focus Group Administrator. During Chris’s time in the pharmaceutical industry he worked utilizing Six Sigma principals as well as spearheading production efficiencies. Chris is also prior military having served in the United States Navy on board the USS Clifton Sprague FFG-16.


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Testimonials for Chris:

First of all I would like to thank you for coming and conducting inbound inspector training for us. We appreciate your time and willingness to work with us on our schedule to get the most out of your visit. We here can see the difference that your visit and training made with our new inspector in regards to his understanding of the AAR Field manual and application of it to the railcars he inspects. This was the first training of this type we have had and would recommend it for new inbound inspectors as well as a refresher for current inbound inspectors. Your knowledge and experience is unmatched. Again thanks for your time and feel free to use me as a reference to anyone considering using you for this type of training.”

BJ Thompson
  ARI Railcar Services Tennille

The inbound inspection course given by Chris was very informative and covered all aspects of the inbound inspection process including hands on gage training and field inspection. Chris provided a detailed power point presentation on the various Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices, CIII, L and D. Chris has very good communication skills and presents the material in a way that keeps the students focused. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to broaden their inspector skills and knowledge.”

Douglas J Doucet


Companies Salco's RCG has provided counsel to:

American Railcar Industries        Baier Marine        Caltrex        Central Main and Quebec        Chemtrade        Continental Rail Services        Curry Rail      Eastlake Chemicals        EMS        ExxonMobil        Foradora Welding        Freedom Rail        Huntsman Chemical        Ingredion        LyondellBasell        Occidental Chemical        Quala        Mississippi Export Railroad        Rubber Lining Specialists        Transrail Innovation Group        The Andersons        Petrolem Services Corp.        Vagonmash        Protran-HARSCO        Runyon Industries        Axiall/Westlake        Imerys        Greenbrier        Ineos        Kamin        Residco        Element Financial        Nova Chemical        Trinity Industries        Arkema        Baker Hughes        Braskem America        Dupont        EOG        GBW        Chemours        Jones Hamilton        Koch Rail        Midwest AgEnergy        Blue Flint Ethanol        Red Trail Energy        Dakota Spirit Energy        NOVA Chemical  Tidal Energy        Taylor-Wharton America       Watco        UTLX        BP        Motiva        Global Partners        Foradora        C IT        Oertel Metal Works        Oxy Chemicals        Procor        SPSI        Tank Lining of Paris        Vermont Railway         Universal Motion Components             Fluence Energy        American Chemical Society        Union Tank Car        Applied Materials Technologies Inc  


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