Technical Consulting

Salco Engineering and Technical Services

Salco Engineering and Technical Services (Salco) is engaged in the delivery of highly technical, compliance-based services to our transportation partners.  Our services help our Customers move product from design to destination in a safe and cost effective manner.  An aspect of our business is compliance with federal regulations, industry standards and to customer requirements.

As a compliance management company, Salco maintains membership in several trade and professional organizations. These memberships, and our participation, helps to ensure that our Customers are fully-informed of developing issues, and that we maintain leadership status by promoting scientifically-based and practical solutions to achieve compliance.


        Compliance Support

  • Rail transportation consulting and regulatory support.
  • Corporate compliance assessments.
  • Tank car qualification and maintenance plan work instructions (49CFR180.509)
  • Plant operator hazmat and railcar training (Examination before shipping: railcar, highway cargo tank, and ISO containers)
  • Repair Shop single car air brake training
  • Various shop function specific procedure development and training (car inspection, nondestructive testing method, Level III support, valve reconditioning, etc).


        Engineering Support

  • AutoCAD and SolidWorks design capabilities.
  • Design for ease of fabrication (lean manufacturing).
  • Quality improvement initiatives (Kaizen).
  • Failure analysis including corrosion, mechanical, in-service and in-plant litigation support and development of corrective action to prevent recurrence.
  • Corrosion and service failure analysis of in-plant and rolling stock for performance improvement and litigation support.
  • Metallurgical and welding engineering support, including process and procedure development and oversight of process implementation at the facility level.
  • Railcar design, conversion, alteration and modification repair engineering.
  • Research, engineering and product development.
  • Reliability analysis of fleet maintenance data.


        Quality Assurance

  • AAR M-1003 quality assurance program development certification assistance.
  • AAR M-1002 technical B-3 and B-3 Application support.
  • Internal auditing and training.
  • Root-cause analysis and training.
  • Compliance assessments.
  • FRA audit finding response support.
  • Supply chain (vendor) auditing.

        Car Inspection

  • Railcar third-party inspection services.
  • Inspector and AAR field manual training.
  • FRA/OTMA management and root cause analysis.
  • Manufacturing and repair facility car inspections covering inbound.
  • Inspection, estimate generation, in-process inspection, final inspection, and customer acceptance.
  • Pre-acquisition and lease return inspections.
  • JIC inspection representative.
  • Damage inspection on railroad property (with proper permission), storage facilities and customer property.
  • Inspection for failure analysis and failure prevention engineering services.
  • Evaluation of in-plant railcar damage.


        NDT and Welding Support

  • Auditing and surveillance.
  • ASNT NDT Level III on-site services (training, written practice and procedure development.
  • Probability of detection (POD) development for site NDT methods.
  • AWSD 15.1, AAR Appendix W, ASME Section IX welding procedure development, training and welder qualifications.
  • Welding program development and AWSCWI support.
  • Work with shop floor personnel during implementation of new processes, including post implementation surveillance and follow-up assistance.

        Language Services

  • English and Spanish support services available
  • Audits
  • Car inspection                                  
  • Procedure development
  • Procedure translations
  • Training