Waste Fume Scrubber

Eliminate odors, acids, chemicals and NOx fumes with waste fume vent scrubbers from the corrosives specialists at Hazarsolve. Waste fume scrubbers help prevent environmental releases, ensures regulatory compliance, and protects employee safety and health.


  • Removal of acid fumes from various processes.
  • Removal of SO2 / NOx and solid particle matter from boiler fuel gases.
  • Dust collection.


Key Features / Benefits:

  • Low maintenance; high efficiency.
  • Compact system design; proven performance.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Blower optional.
  • Wide range of sizes and CFM ratings available.


                                                                                                             14" Waste Fume Scrubber

Development and Engineering Expertise:

Coupled with Salco’s freight-transportation and transloading industries expertise, Hazarsolve utilizes its extensive corrosives environment knowledge and experience to design, engineer and construct the best, most efficient waste fume scrubbers available.

Each Hazarsolve waste fume scrubber is designed and engineered to meet your requirements for capacity, mobility, and integration with existing facilities. Hazarsolve scrubbers are constructed to the highest quality standards and are built for maximum corrosion resistance under the most severe application conditions. 

Waste fume scrubbers are suitable for chemical producers, metal finishing semi-conductor manufacturing, food industry, and other operations generating fumes and gases.

Customized to your specific need.

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"It is very gratifying to visit a supplier and leave feeling confident about our HCI Scrubber project, as well as the level of competence each employee displayed about the product and Salco."

- Jim Ealey C.P.M.

Westlake Chemical Corp.