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Salco’s comprehensive document library consists of our detailed product literature sheets, complete with photos and/or 3D renderings of the featured component(s). View specialty catalogs compiled by our knowledgeable sales staff. Additionally, our abundant collection of charts and diagrams are offered for viewing and downloading. Laminated copies of these charts and diagrams can be obtained by contacting our Customer Support department at 630-685-4661.

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Name Description Downloads
5031 Outlet Gate (5029, 5030, 5032, P4350 All Versions) View / Download (557kb)
5236 Gate View / Download (253kb)
ACF 5131 Gate View / Download (232kb)
ARI 5135 & 5235 Gate View / Download (904kb)
Bottom Unloading Adapters Chart View / Download (317kb)
Chlorine Tank Car View / Download (501kb)
Dual Flange Dip Tube View / Download (351kb)
General Purpose Tank Car Fittings View / Download (465kb)
Hydrochloric - Rubber Lined Tank Valves & Fittings View / Download (1123kb)
Kam-Op Gate View / Download (502kb)
ORALITE Conspicuity Material View / Download (4841kb)
PD Car - ACF Parts Chart View / Download (2536kb)
PD Car - Trinity Powerflo II Parts Chart View / Download (3151kb)
PD Car - Trinity Thrall Parts Chart View / Download (3060kb)
Pressure Tank Car View / Download (231kb)
Pullman Micro-Matic Gate View / Download (592kb)
Quick Inspect Safety Vent Application Options View / Download (149kb)
Salco Ellcon End Adapter View / Download (593kb)
Single Flange Dip Tube View / Download (305kb)
Sulfuric Acid Valves & Fittings View / Download (345kb)
Thrall Edsco Gate View / Download (1969kb)
Vacuum Relief Valve Part Number System - Salco View / Download (451kb)
YSD 271 J,K,M 289 A,B Gate View / Download (132kb)

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