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These valves have standard hand wheels that work with emergency shutdown systems and they accept Standard 15000 and 30000 PPH Excess Flow Valves.

Product Part No. Description
Angle Valve 1 Next Gen. DES-922-1 Descote, Internal Ball-Check, (Bellows Sealed), Model 922-925, 500psi Design, 1 1/4 fnpt, for Chlorine...
Angle Valve 1" DES-925-1 Descote, Pneumatically Operated Internal Ball-Check, (Bellows Sealed), Model 925-926, 500psi Design,...


As a channel partner with Xomox, all Tufline threaded and flanged options for ball and plug valves are available here at Salco Products.

Xomox's Lined Ball Valves offer economical solutions for the vast majority of chemical applications while maintaining the highest possible degree of performance in terms of in-line leakage and fugitive emissions.

Xomox's 2-way and 3-way fully lined plug valves feature an encapsulated plug rotating in a fully lined body.

Product Part No. Description
Ball Valve 1" Flanged XO93B430L-SRC DI, Xomox Tufline, 911/944 Full Port, 2-Way, Fully Lined PFA, ANSI Class 150 lb, Wrench/Lever Operator,...
Plug Valve 1 1/2" Flanged XO9RB709L1-SRC DI, Xomox Tufline, 2-Way, Fully Lined PFA, ANSI Class 150 lb, Wrench/Lever Operator, AAR # E-079005
Plug Valve 2" Flanged XO9RB710L1-SRC DI, Xomox Tufline, 2-Way, Fully Lined PFA, ANSI Class 150 lb, Wrench/Lever Operator, AAR #E-079005
Plug Valve 3" Flanged XO9RB711L1-SRC DI, Xomox Tufline, 2-Way, Fully Lined PFA, ANSI Class 150 lb, w/ Wrench Operator, AAR #E-079005

Excess Flow

Designed to Chlorine Institute pamphlets, Salco's excess flow valves are used to regulate the flow of commodity.

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Needle Valve

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Pressure Relief Valve

The Crosby JQ pressure relief valve was designed in collaboration with the Chlorine Institute.

It provides overpressure protection for vessels transporting Chlorine and other dangerous commodities.

Product Part No. Description
Pressure Relief Valve 150 psi 015-JQU1-150-HS-ASSY Valve Set 142psi, Breaking Pin Assembly 150psi, AAR Approval# SRD-099013
Pressure Relief Valve 300 psi 015-JQU2-300-AU.2-HS-ASSY Valve Set @ 285psig Breaking Pin Assy 300psig With 1/8 telltale conection .002 Gold Lower Diaphragm...
Pressure Relief Valve 375 psi 015-JQ-375-HS-ASSY With Breaking Pin Assembly, Valve Set 360psig, Breaking Pin Set 375psig, Chlorine Institute Flange,...
Pressure Relief Valve 375 psi 015-JQ-375-HS-ASSY-RC Reconditioned, w/ Inconel Breaking Pin Assembly, 1 1/2" Chlorine Institute Flange, Metallic Seat, Must...
Pressure Relief Valve 375 psi 015-JQ-375-HS-ASSY-SH Second Hand 316 SS, 1 1/2 Chlorine Institute Flange, Metallic Seat AAR Approval# SRD-099013
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