• Technical Services Delivery Reimagined

    NEW CLASS DATES ARE NOW AVAILABLE! The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have caused abrupt and impactful changes to our daily lives. However, Regulatory Compliance simply won’t wait and Salco is here to help. Find out how!

  • Need Solutions For Achieving Compliance?

    Salco's Regulatory Compliance Group is engaged in the delivery of highly technical, compliance-based services to our transportation partners. Our services help our customers move product from design to destination in a safe and cost effective manner.

    An aspect of our business is compliance with federal regulations, industry standards and to customer requirements.

  • Salco Products Begins Exclusive Distribution Agreement for Baier™ Rail’s Single-Bolt Manway Rail Tank Car System

    Salco Products and Baier Rail are pleased to announce the start of an exclusive distribution agreement for Baier’s Single-Bolt Manway rail tank car system. - FULL PRESS RELEASE

  • Salco Products First Quarter 2021 Implementation of RSI-100

    Read more about the tank car definition backstory and how Salco Products is adopting the RSI-100 industry standard into its internal process.

  • Need Ball Valves? Limited By Long Lead Times?

    Salco Products can keep you operational with Apollo® brand ball valves that are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

  • Mobile Transloading Unit

    Salco’s Mobile Transloading Units are fully equipped for the fast, safe,and environmentally responsible transfer of a variety of hazardous chemicals.


  • UHMWPE Hose Barb

    Improve process efficiency with the ability to crimp without fear of shattering, and safely transfer in the most extreme temperatures.


UHMWPE Lined Hammer Unions

Engineered to extend the lifespan of the fitting while in the toughest of corrosive and abrasive environments.
    Designed For Corrosive Applications
    •  Body constructed of durable Ductile Iron.
    •  Lined with corrosion resistant UHMWPE.
    •  Available in a variety of sizes.
    •  Superior sealing surface.
    •  Available in both flanged male and female fittings.
    •  Serrated sealing surface for a leak-free seal.
    •  Figure 206.

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