• Vented Outlet Caps

    The pioneers behind the Vented Hatch Cover announce the latest innovation in the plastic pellet car component market.

  • Tired of Broken Poly Hose Fittings?

    If you want confidence when transferring product, check out Salco's extensive line of UHMWPE hose fittings and Hose Barb Crushing Video. We have turned skeptics into believers with the only fittings in the industry to be made with no break properties. - WATCH VIDEO


Manway Nozzle & Cut Gaskets

Combat NAR’s with a wide array of gaskets designed to AAR specifications. Tested and accepted for multiple applications, our gaskets are available in many different sizes and materials.
    Gaskets for all of your sealing needs.
      •  Flange and ring gaskets can be cut to any size and material.
      •  Available in a variety of materials.
      •  Nozzle gaskets for 18-inch, 20-inch, and 24-inch manways.
      •  Patented chevron sealing surface allows for greater overall compression, providing a uniform seal.

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