• Congressman Dan Lipinski Visits Salco Products

    Congressman Dan Lipinski and his chief of staff visited Salco Products’ Lemont, IL facility to discuss the ongoing, expanded challenges from the FRA for our tank car product line.

  • Mobile Transloading Unit

    Salco’s Mobile Transloading Units are fully equipped for the fast, safe,and environmentally responsible transfer of a variety of hazardous chemicals.


  • Filtered Sanitary Gasket

    First of its kind combination sanitary gasket and filter for tank trailers makes manway gasket maintenance simple and efficient.


Railcar Lined Fittings Plate

Engineered to extend the lifespan of the fittings plate and prevent premature failure in corrosive service for rail applications.
    Superior Lining For Superior Service
    •  Solid protection for all wetted surfaces.
    •  Fully welded UHMWPE lining and Kynar® coated.
    •  Conforms to Chlorine Institute Standards.
    •  Can be spark tested up to 2000V (coating), 6,000V (Lining).
    •  Works with all conductivity meters.
    •  Serrated sealing surfaces for a leak-free seal.
    •  U.H.M.W. allows for a higher compression/torque vs. rubber lining.
    •  Kynar® coating can be repaired in the field for small areas.

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