Vented Outlet Gate Cap

The pioneers behind the Vented Hatch Cover announce the latest innovation in the plastic pellet car component market.



Purpose-Built Approach

Salco Products Vented Outlet Cap presents multiple advantages for pneumatic gate operators and car owners. As a proud member of Operation Clean Sweep®, this component was designed with OCS® initiatives and general operator safety in mind.

Decreasing Risk

This vented cap eliminates the unsafe practice of unloaders crawling under cars to remove a cap from the opposite side, decreases the risk of operator injury as well as pellet loss.

Product Details

  • Prevents pellet loss; reducing risk of fines.
  • Improves operator safety; lowering risk of accidents.
  • Saves time during unloading process.
  • 30 micron filter keeps debris out; lets air in.
  • Aids in preventing moisture build-up in draft tube.
  • Vent hood directs airflow, enhancing unloading vacuum rate.
  • US Patent # 9,493,172
  • Kits available for ALL major OEM gate models.

As seen in Progressive Railroading and Railway Age Magazines.

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