Lucas Welander


Manager NDT and QA Regulatory Consulting

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Qualifications/Certifications (Downloadable):

IRRSP Certification


Visual Acuity Record  

Consultant Specialties:

  • Nondestructive Testing Level lll Services
  • Quality Auditing
  • Procedural Development
  • NDT Training and Personnel Qualification
  • NDT Performance Evaluation and Oversight
  • Warranty Related NDT Inspections and Root Cause
  • Regulatory Audit Support
  • Procedure Qualification and POD


Lucas's Bio:

Lucas has over a decade of rail industry experience in NDT, Quality Assurance, and manufacturing with a background in tank car construction, repair, and MRU services. Lucas began his rail industry career with TTCI before transitioning to Trinity Industries serving as the ASNT Level III Program Manager.

Salco History/Background:

Lucas joined the RCG team in April 2022 with expertise in NDT, Quality, and Regulatory Compliance. Lucas has experience in several industries in NDT and 10 years of expertise in rail.

Benefits of Consulting Services:

Safety & Regulatory Compliance. Not only meeting the rules but understanding the requirements and their intent. This is accomplished through internal auditing, procedure writing, QA Program development, Training (both safety and regulatory), etc.

Customers utilizing car inspection have a better understanding of the condition of their fleet and more control of their asset management. Inspection of cars being taken on, or being released from lease, can address liability issues with the current condition of the car and responsible party based on lease contract wording. Inspection of new car manufacturing works much like an audit of people, processes, and materials to meet contractual obligations.

Companies Salco's RCG has provided counsel to:

American Railcar Industries        Baier Marine        Caltrex        Central Main and Quebec        Chemtrade        Continental Rail Services        Curry Rail      Eastlake Chemicals        EMS        ExxonMobil        Foradora Welding        Freedom Rail        Huntsman Chemical        Ingredion        LyondellBasell        Occidental Chemical        Quala        Mississippi Export Railroad        Rubber Lining Specialists        Transrail Innovation Group        The Andersons        Petrolem Services Corp.        Vagonmash        Protran-HARSCO        Runyon Industries        Axiall/Westlake        Imerys        Greenbrier        Ineos        Kamin        Residco        Element Financial        Nova Chemical        Trinity Industries        Arkema        Baker Hughes        Braskem America        Dupont        EOG        GBW        Chemours        Jones Hamilton        Koch Rail        Midwest AgEnergy        Blue Flint Ethanol        Red Trail Energy        Dakota Spirit Energy        NOVA Chemical  Tidal Energy        Taylor-Wharton America       Watco        UTLX        BP        Motiva        Global Partners        Foradora        C IT        Oertel Metal Works        Oxy Chemicals        Procor        SPSI        Tank Lining of Paris        Vermont Railway         Universal Motion Components             Fluence Energy        American Chemical Society        Union Tank Car        Applied Materials Technologies Inc  

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