Visitor Guidelines

In order to be permitted entrance as a visitor to any Salco Products facility, you must submit a Visitor Self-Certification Form prior to your scheduled site visit.



Salco Products Safety Primer for Visitors

Salco Products takes pride in our safety program, because we take the safety of our teammates and any visitors in our facilities very seriously. With this in mind, we have prepared this primer for our visitors to help ensure that they have the safest possible visit to our facility.

Our company has adopted the STOP Safety Observation program; a large part of that program is total observation. During your visit, if you see something that could be a safety concern, please mention it to your point of contact so that the proper actions can be taken.

In preparation for your visit, please make sure to wear appropriate footwear if you will be taking a tour of our facility, or working with our products in the warehouse. Proper footwear for tours should have closed toes and metatarsals with flat soles. They should also be slip resistant if at all possible. In the event that you are unable to have the proper footwear, we have some loaner shoes in various sizes available. Your point of contact will know where to get them should you need to borrow a pair. If you are going to be working in the warehouse, the footwear requirements are a bit different in that we require that you wear protective steel toe footwear with slip resistant soles. We do have a limited supply of protective toe coverings that we can loan out if the need arises.

While you are visiting our facility, our team members will be working to fulfill orders for our valued customers. We ask that you please adhere to the following safety guidelines. These will help ensure that your visit is incident free.

Please take a moment to review the backside of your Visitor Badge, it contains important safety information and instructions for emergencies.

Please make sure to wear your safety glasses at all times when you are in the warehouse. A pair will be provided to you if you do not have your own.

Parts of our operations can be very loud; we have ear plugs available for your hearing protection if you want to wear them. Just ask your point of contact.

If you are in the welding area make sure that you DO NOT look at, or stare, at the bright light from the welding operations. It is an intense blue white light. That light can harm your vision in moments, it can even give you flash burn on your exposed skin similar to how the sun gives you a sunburn.

If you approach an area where a forklift is in operation, stand to the side of the isle in place until they have either passed by or stopped, acknowledged your presence, and signaled for you to proceed.