Primarily used in corrosive environments such as HCL, ferric chloride, ferrous chloride and bleach, our popular dip tubes can also be used in non-corrosive applications.


Lightweight, Corrosion Resistant, Plastic Eduction Tubes



  • Economical, flexible and lightweight; can easily be installed by one worker.
  • Produced from Salco PE(UHMWPE) and Teflon, making tubes six times more abrasive resistant than steel dip tubes.
  • AAR approved, #E069015.
  • Flex end on railcar tubes eliminates need for spiders.
  • Concentric serrations on the flange enables positive sealing of gaskets.
  • Available in a variety of sizes, flanges can be constructed to suit any inlet/outlet application. Tube length can be cut to fit each application.
  • FDA materials available.

Common eduction tube sizes are viewable at the bottom of the page. 
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