Lined Piping

Variety of Sizes

150# & 300# PTFE lined pipe & fittings available up thru 8 inch sizes. Fittings are lined with molded PTFE, not forced like many other products. This ensures the lining's strength and durablity.

A Good Fit For You

  • PTFE (polytetraflouroethytlene) is the best multipurpose liner available.
  • Fittings have a continuous working temperature range of up to 260°C(500°F) and higher temperatures can be sustained for shorter periods.
  • Fittings are extremely durable, and at this temperature it remains practically chemically inert.
  • PTFE is also unaffected by weather, and can withstand exposure to hot and cold extremes with no loss in dependability.
  • PTFE liners are molded to fit each fitting, increasing its strength and vacuum rating.
  • Each fitting liner conform to ASTM F1545 minimum wall thickness and specifications.
  • Custom fittings can also be made to meet your specific needs.
For specific fitting availability and pricing information, please contact Customer Support.