1-5/8-Inch Bronze Hex Socket

Part #: ALD4024-173

1-5/8-inch bronze hex, spark resistant, tank car socket for 1-inch square drives. Bolt clearance depth of 4-inches. T-handle wrench recommended when using sockets on tank car domes. DO NOT use impact wrenches with bronze sockets. Use hand wrench only. Limit torque (non-impacting) to 500 foot/ pounds. Product of Aldon® Company.

Key Features

  • This product is manufactured by Aldon® Company.
  • Max torque rating 500 ft./lbs.
  • Bolt Clearance depth of 4-inches.
  • Bronze socket sizes available in hex or 8-pt. styles, from 1-5/16 to 1-7/8-inch.