Miracle Rail and Tie Dolly Cart

Part #: ALD4025-07

Miracle rail and tie dolly cart is made out of welded aluminum. It's a cart of infinite length. Use two or more dollies to move long, heavy loads down track. Half the weight of steel dollies but equal in strength. Fabricated of 6063T6 alloy aluminum. Each dolly supports 2,000 pounds. Wheels are 6-inches in diameter, and aluminum insulated. 5/8-inch clearance. Dolly beam has side stake sockets and holes for passing load-strapping chains. Top surface of dolly has coarse grit stair tread tape to prevent slippage. For best performance, two workers should tow the dolly load, and always stay outside the rails. Never stand in front of the dollies. Loads should be tightly strapped to beams to prevent shifting. Use dollies on flat track only as there is no way to brake the movement on a slope. Weight: 32 pounds. Product of Aldon ® Company.