165 psi Girard Geliner Vent with Tongue and Groove Flange, Unlined 316L Stainless Steel withTeflon/Silicone O-Ring, (4) 3/4 inch Bolt Holes on 6-1/4 inch Bolt Circle

Part #: GERR407SS-165-TGT4

Tongue and groove Flange, AAR# E172101

Key Features

  • Girard's popular 407 Series pressure relief valve is now available for use in standard service applications.
  • Girard patented pressure relief valves relieve excess pressure, that would otherwise create a hazardous condition in a tank car, safely and reliably.
  • Body constructed of investment-cast 316L stainless steel.
  • Quick disassembly feature designed for ease of maintenance.
  • 100% stainless steel and PTFE construction.
  • Release pressure up to 165 PSIG.
  • Flow Ratings: 165 PSI / Flow rate: 13,355 SCFM @ 182 PSI
    75 PSI / Flow rate: 8,586 SCFM @ 85 PSI
  • Rugged, low profile design.
  • Comes in standard flange styles. Other flange options available upon request.
  • AAR approved.