How Salco Achieved Over 1000 Injury Free Days

December 10, 2020



Salco recently surpassed its 1,000 days of being injury free! A company-wide effort led by Salco’s dedicated Safety Committee. Safety has been a core value of Salco Products since the Company’s establishment in 1983, and almost 38 years later safety remains a top priority. Even through the uncertain times brought on by a worldwide pandemic, Salco employees remain vigilant in ensuring a safe workplace for all. 

Below are five implemented safety concepts that have proven instrumental in achieving our goal and setting a new safety record.


1.  Employee Volunteers Drive Results


Meetings are structured by: 

  • Salco employee volunteers drive committee meetings by bringing up any observations,feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  • Tackling pending action items and allocating designated support members to help complete projects.
  • Updates on tasks, discussions on any roadblocks, and coming up with the best solutions.
  • Employees can nominate other fellow teammates whom they believe will add an essential role to the Safety Committee. 
  • Round table discussions help create a safe space for inclusion and involvement. 
  • Due to pandemic restrictions; conversations have shifted via digital platforms, with a solution focused approach. 


2.  Visitor Safety Gear  


Salco is also taking extra precautions to protect our customers, our employees and our communities by:

  • Providing Safety badges with preventive and responsive guidelines.
  • Supplying protective eyewear glasses and earplugs to reduce noise during production.
  • Requiring visitors to fill out a Self-Certification Form before their visit.
  • Supplying facemasks for those who may have forgotten.
  • Encouraging social distancing when in conference rooms and touring the facility.
  • Providing access to hand sanitizer throughout the buildings.


3.  Expert Feedback  


 Safety Consulting Group helps facilitate improvements:

  • Vista Safety Consulting Group has reviewed our entire safety procedure manual.
  • They have been making quaterly visits to ensure our team continue to make the necessary improvements.
  • Their consulting support helps add a third set of eyes to everyday production. 


4.  Hearing Conservation Testing


 Steps to help protect employees hearing:

  • Set up the first round of conservation hearing testing for the designated employees in loud areas. 
  • Evaluate results, monitor, and take action in the outcome of anyone showing signs of hearing loss.
  • Remind employees to continue to wear their protective noise-reducing gear. 
  • Conduct yearly conservation hearing testing for ongoing and new employees. 


5.  Chemical Storage 


 Chemical Storage adds awareness: 

  • Employees are actively aware of chemical storage.
  • The chemical storage has SDS sheets attached in a separate red bin, easily visible for employees to access. 
  • Employees have readily available instructions for chemical disposal.


Thank You

 Thank you to all the employees who make safety a priority every day. Salco could not have reached this milestone without your commitment and dedication to ensuring a safe work environment for all. Special recognition to our Texas facility who has also accumulated over 600 injury free days and is well on their way to surpassing their previous record of 722 days.