Rail/Yard Accessories


Aldon ® blue lights for sign holders and derails are necessary if you work freight cars during the night.

Products in this Family

Product Part No. Description
Blue Solar Light ALD4015-135 w/ T-bracket mounting Product of Aldon ® Company
Clip-On/Stick-On Lights - Blue ALD4115-07 Magnetic base flashing light Can be clipped to shirt pocket for worker's protection. 1/2 lb.. Product...
Flashing Coupler Light ALD4015-09 Amber Flashing Light Warns that Car is Moving.
Magnetic Mini-light ALD4015-32 Blue, with magnet base/steel clip. Product of Aldon ® Company
Solar Lantern ALD4015-180 Magnet based, 4 lbs. Product of Aldon ® Company
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