Rail/Yard Accessories

Loading Spout Filter

Loading spout filters keeps product from escaping into the environment.

1/2 filter and 1/2 transparent film allows you to view commodity levels.

Available with 4" and 6" hose openings.

Products in this Family

Product Part No. Description
Loading Bonnet LSF2000 6 mil Clear PE, Fits 20" Hatch Ring, 4" Pipe Loading Hole, 4" x 28" x 30"
Loading Filter Bonnet LSF1000 Fits 20" Hatch Ring, 6 mil PE, 2 oz. Spun Bonded Nylon, 6" Pipe Loading Hose, 34" Long, 20-30 Micron...
Loading Filter Bonnet OUF205 Fits 20" Hatch Ring, 2 oz. Cerex Nylon, 6" Loading Hose, 42 1/2" Long, 30 Micron
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