Rail/Yard Accessories

Loading/Unloading Aids

For dry and liquid commodities in tank cars, hopper cars and tank trucks, Salco's part offering can compliment your plants process in adhering to the recommended loading and unloading methods outlined in Pamphlet 34.

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Car Shakers

Aldon ® pneumatic piston shakers are useful in aiding in the removal of dry, granular, free flowing material.

Alternate model available for sticky, damp materials which cake.

Product Part No. Description
Car Shaker ALD4126-01 Pneumatic Piston 3" Diameter. Product of Aldon ® Company

Catch Bag

This mesh material catches pellets when washing out a railcar.

Product Part No. Description
Catch Bag Filter CLB6 Blue Polyester Mesh, 7" Diameter Open End x 12 3/4" Diameter Bottom x 34" Long
Catch Bag Filter, Reinforced Bottom CLB6-R 80% Enduro, Silver, 7" Diameter Open End x 12 3/4" Diameter Bottom x 34" Long, bottom to 12" up sides...

Containment Trays

SALCO offers two types of lightweight, heavy-duty containment trays that fit securely to the rail to provide a simple, effective means of controlling pellet loss.

Product Part No. Description
Containment Tray CT100 Blue HDPE, w/o Lid
Containment Tray CT200 Orange HDPE
R.R. Containment Pan - with Holes ALD4124-29 Polyethylene pan locks to rail beneath tank cars and hopper cars. The pan holds up to 50 lbs of drips...

Exhaust Filter

While loading, air escapes while capturing particles.

The assembly comes with ring and bungee cords.
Filter bags are also available for separate purchase.


Filter Bag Only

Eyebolt Sockets

Salco eyebolt sockets can be used with all manufacturers’eyebolts.

The deep-well design easily fits over a 4” long bolt stem (from the nut).

Available in 1 5/8”or 1 7/16” and made of 4140 tool steel.

Spark proof bronze material is also available.

Drive size is 3/4”; steel sockets can be used
manually or with an impact wrench.

Non Sparking


T wrench Handle

Gate openers

Aldon ® gate openers for covered hopper cars.

Call Salco for heavier duty openers for hard to open gates.

Product Part No. Description
1" Sq. Drive Fitting AL-94 ALD4024-06 Tapered section starts at 1-1/2" square and tapers to 1-1/4" square drive. Length 5". Product of Aldon...
16" Ratchet Wrench Extension ALD6048-00 Product of Aldon ® Company

Grit Dust Bag

A simple, efficient means of collecting and removing unwanted residues produced during the blast process.

Product Part No. Description
Grit Dust Bag GDB1000 Uncoated PP, 35"x35"x30" Throat Opening 14"
Grit Dust Bag GDB2000 Uncoated PP, 35"x35"x50" Throat Opening 18"
Grit Dust Bag GDB3000 Uncoated PP, 35"x35"x36" Throat Opening 20"
Grit Dust Bag GDB4000 Uncoated PP, 35""x35""x30, w/Bottom Unload Spout

Hopper Car Adapters

Convert your 6" gate nozzle to a kammed connection with our lightweight push on hopper car adapters.

Straight connections as well as reducing connections are available.

Product Part No. Description
Unloading Adapter 6" UC6A Yellow Polyurethane and Alum, Fits Standard Outlet Nozzle x 6" Male Adapter
Unloading Adapter 6" UC6KA Yellow Polyurethane and Alum, Fits Standard Outlet Nozzle x 6" Female Coupler
Unloading Adapter 6"x4" UC64AA Alum, Fits Standard Outlet Nozzle x 4" Male Adapter
Unloading Adapter 6"x4" UN64A Grey PVC and Nylon, Fits Standard Outlet Nozzle x 4" Male Adapter
Unloading Adapter 6"x5" UC65BCAA Alum, Fits Standard Outlet Nozzle x 5" Male Adapter, w/ Bleed Control

Hose Supports

Keep your loading and unloading hoses off the ground with hose supports for railcars and trucks.

Product Part No. Description
Hose Support Assembly HS345 Black ABS, 14" High, Fits 3", 4", and 5" Hoses
Hose Support Assembly HS345W1 Black HDPE, 14" High, Fits 3", 4", and 5" Hoses, with 4 Casters

Loading Covers

Salco has loading covers for all styles of hopper and tank cars.

With a loading cover, you can eliminate dust and capture vapors.

Product Part No. Description
Cover Assy Loading LC20A1A Fits ACF, W/ 4" Kam Adapter.
Cover Assy Loading LC20A3A Fits ACF, W/ 6" Female Kam Coupler.
Manway Loading Plate 20" 6 & 8-Bolt LC202TMC02 Aluminum

Loading Spout Filter

Loading spout filters keeps product from escaping into the environment.

1/2 filter and 1/2 transparent film allows you to view commodity levels.

Available with 4" and 6" hose openings.

Product Part No. Description
Loading Bonnet LSF2000 6 mil Clear PE, Fits 20" Hatch Ring, 4" Pipe Loading Hole, 4" x 28" x 30"
Loading Filter Bonnet LSF1000 Fits 20" Hatch Ring, 6 mil PE, 2 oz. Spun Bonded Nylon, 6" Pipe Loading Hose, 34" Long, 20-30 Micron...
Loading Filter Bonnet OUF205 Fits 20" Hatch Ring, 2 oz. Cerex Nylon, 6" Loading Hose, 42 1/2" Long, 30 Micron

Paddle/Pole assembly

SALCO’s Klean-Out paddle/pole assembly provides a quick, easy means of cleaning the interiors of hopper cars which have retained product during or after normal unloading.

Product Part No. Description
Clean-up Air Broom ALD4124-212 Std. Model (48" Barrel). Product of Aldon ® Company
Klean Out Paddle P850 PP
Klean Out Paddle Assembly P850A PP, Yellow Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Pole, 8' to 16'
Telescoping Pole P618 1 1/4" Yellow Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, 8' TO 16'
Twist-Lok Extension Pole P612 Anodized aluminum handle, Nylar threaded end, 6ft - 12ft

Rain Cover/Weather Shield

Salco's portable rain cover allows you to unload your vessel during inclement weather.

Fits all 20” I.D. Manway Covers on Covered Hopper Cars, Tank Cars and Trucks.

Product Part No. Description
Weather Shield 20" VPHC20RC Yellow HDPE, 3" Throat Liner, Screen Filters, Shoulder Strap
Weather Shield 20" VPHC20RCAG Yellow HDPE, Fits 6-Bolt Tank Car Manway Nozzle, 3" Throat Liner, Screen Filters

Tank Car Elbows

Available in 45 or 90 deg, Salco's unloading elbows makes it easier to attach your unloading hose.

45 degree

90 degree

Vibrator Brackets

Bolt on or weld on castings for use with pneumatic car shakers.

Product Part No. Description
Vibrator Bracket 12 x18 VB1000 CS, Weld or Bolt On, (6) 1" Bolt Holes, For Hopper Cars
Vibrator Bracket 12 x18 VB1001 CS, Weld On, For Hopper Cars

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