Rail/Yard Accessories

Paddle/Pole assembly

SALCO’s Klean-Out paddle/pole assembly provides a quick, easy means of cleaning the interiors of hopper cars which have retained product during or after normal unloading.

Products in this Family

Product Part No. Description
Clean-up Air Broom ALD4124-212 Std. Model (48" Barrel). Product of Aldon ® Company
Klean Out Paddle P850 PP
Klean Out Paddle Assembly P850A PP, Yellow Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Pole, 8' to 16'
Telescoping Pole P618 1 1/4" Yellow Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, 8' TO 16'
Twist-Lok Extension Pole P612 Anodized aluminum handle, Nylar threaded end, 6ft - 12ft

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