Low Height Chocking Skid Right Rail

Part #: ALD4016-22-R

Low height chocking skid for right rail (as viewed from the handle end of the skid). 4-inches high at handle end and 17-1/2-inches long. Tamper-proof, light-weight skid for blocking one end of parked freight car. Rail skid uses friction from wheel pressure to hold car steady. For flush rail. Use on flat track. When using rail skid at one end of freight car, always chock other end of car with conventional steel wheel chock. Place skid in front of wheel, then roll wheel up onto skid. Apply car or locomotive brake after skid is under the wheel. Weight: 16 pounds. Product of Aldon® Company.

Key Features

  • This product is manufactured by Aldon® Company.
  • At 16 pounds and 17-1/2-inches in length, this easy-to-carry rail skid is handy for chocking freight cars on flat track.
  • The skid can also serve as an engineer's "bump" alert in front of a bumping post.