Portable Derail with Sign, 2-Way

Part #: ALD4014-09-S

SaberTooth, portable, 2-way throw, derail with blue derail flag and holder. For rail size 100 - 136 pounds. Provides temporary derailing protection. Made out of formed steel plate housing. No welds in shear plane to fail. Full contact with rail head. Features safety hook. Tool free installation with no wrenches needed. Four thumbscrews anchor derail to rail head with no damage to rail surfaces, and secure the derail from rolling sideways or lifting. Tie-Biting hook at bottom of stepped tie brace prevents derail from being dislodged during derailing. Derail can be padlocked. Bright, durable, yellow powder coat finish. Use on wooden ties or full length pre-stressed concrete ties. Tie spacing: 19 - 24 inches on center. Derails freight cars and all 4-axle locomotives operating at switching speeds of 5 mph or less. Weight: 50 pounds (derail, sign holder, and sign). Not recommended for 6-axle locomotives. Use two (2) 1-way derails back-to-back instead. Product of Aldon® Company.

Key Features

  • This product is manufactured by Aldon® Company.
  • 2-way derailing for use with 4-axle locomotives and all freight cars.
  • Formed steel housing for strength.
  • For use on wood or concrete ties.
  • Tool-free installation.
  • Includes safety anchor hook.