30-Inch Gator® Outlet Gate

Part #: 10019736

The new Gator® 30-inch by 30-inch hopper car outlet gate sharply improves the unloading of grain, fertilizer, corn, and other dry and light commodities. The Stucki Gator® outlet gate features ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene door seals for ease of operation, an automatic locking door plate mechanism, and a self-cleaning door wiper. Perhaps most important is a new security mechanism engineered to deter door-plate theft, the first of its kind in the rail industry.

Key Features

  • Leak Proof - Reinforced Bolting Flange
  • Low Operating Torque
  • No Pinion Skipping
  • Rolled Flange Construction
  • Smooth, Continuous Hopper Surfaces
  • Low Wear, High Strength Capstan
  • Durable Automatic Lock
  • Self-Cleaning Door Wiper
  • Light Weight Construction
  • Security Seal Tab