Track Pan

Part #: E53117

Heavy-Duty 36” Track Pans: The ultimate spill containment solution for a cleaner rail yard. Crafted from rugged 3/16” Aluminum, these trays are built to withstand harsh rail environments. With a generous 36” width and 2” tray depth, they efficiently catch and contain most drips and spills. Designed for easy handling and durability, upgrade your spill management strategy today with our top-quality track pans.

Key Features

  • Superior Construction: Crafted from rugged 3/16” Aluminum, these trays are engineered to thrive in even the harshest rail environments. Our durable Aluminum construction ensures longevity and resistance to the elements, providing you with a reliable spill containment solution that stands the test of time.
  • Efficient Spill Management: Don't let spills slow you down. Our track pans are designed to catch drips, leaks, and spills, preventing them from hitting the ground and causing unnecessary disruptions. Say goodbye to product loss during unloading and maintain a seamless workflow with our dependable containment trays.
  • Ample Protection: Boasting an impressive 36” width, our track pans offer generous coverage to safeguard your working area from spills of all sizes. With a substantial 2” tray depth, these pans have the capacity to catch larger spills, giving you peace of mind and ensuring a cleaner, more organized yard.
  • Easy Handling: The thoughtful addition of handles makes transporting and maneuvering these trays a breeze. No more struggling or wobbling – our rigid track pans are designed for easy lifting even when full, providing you with unmatched convenience and practicality.