Two-Way Retractable Derail

Part #: ALD4114-11

Two-way retractable derail is stationary, and a sliding type. Fits 40+ pound rail. More convenient than a hinged derail. Derail shoe slides in and out of housing through the leverage of a waist-high operating lever. No need to bend or stoop to activate, or deactivate the derail. Work from a comfortable standing position alongside the track. Broad deflection angle derails six-axle locomotives as well as smaller locomotive, and freight cars. Derails in both directions. Derail is supplied with high-rise operating stand, connecting rod and blue derail sign. Customer furnishes two 14-foot wooden crossties to support derail and stand. Weight: 525 pounds. Product of Aldon® Company.

Key Features

  • This product is manufactured by Aldon® Company.
  • More convenient than a hinged derail. No need to bend or stoop to activate or deactivate the derail.
  • Derails in both directions.