1-Way Hinged Derail with Sign, Left Throw

Part #: ALD4014-02

DR-1, one way right throw, hinged derail with manual lift sign for wooden ties. Permanently installed on two ties. Derail block with wheel-deflecting bar is swung on or off the rail as needed. Can be padlocked in either position. Blue "DERAIL" sign and holder included. Weight: 156 pounds. For rails 80 to 141 pounds. For freight cars and locomotives. Suitable for 6-axle and 4-axle locomotives and all freight cars. Caution: Install derails on exposed rail track only. If you have steel ties there is a base plate accessory available for purchase (ALD4014-13). Aldon derails are designed for cars and locomotives at slow switching speeds of 10 MPH or less. Product of Aldon® Company.

Key Features

  • This product is manufactured by Aldon® Company.
  • Emergency stopping devices designed to guide the wheels of a freight car or locomotive off the rails.
  • Hinged derails are lifted on and off the rail by hand or with lifting lever.
  • The blue derail sign is separately lifted and lowered by hand.
  • For more convenience consider the Pop-up Sign Holder for either 1-way or 2-way derails.