Filtered Sanitary Gasket 20"

Part #: TTFSG20FDA

White FDA TPE, DURO 65±5 Shore A, Filter Media is 600 Micron FDA

Key Features

  • A gasket/filter combo that is easy to apply and remove for cleaning or replacing.
  • Fits securely on most 20 inch ID liquid or dry bulk manways.
  • Patented gasket chevrons deliver a better seal.
  • Evenly spaced intersecting ribs stabilize the filter with added strength and durability.
  • Does not require any type of glue or adhesive.
  • 600 micron filter protects loads from bees and other insects while still allowing airflow.
  • Filter also protects foreign objects (pens, glasses, and tools) from falling inside the trailer.
  • White FDA material is safe for use in food service.