Recycling Award Announcement

January 9, 2015


In recognition of Salco's commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and improving the world we live in, Cope Plastics, Inc. would like to recognize Salco Products Inc. for its outstanding recycling efforts.  You have achieved Cope’s Green Level Milestone by diverting 50,000 pounds of industrial plastic from landfills.

Cope Plastics Inc. will be comming to our facility for an award presentation ceremony sometime in March.  We encourage you to invite any and all employees who helped contribute to this accomplishment. Cope will also be providing Salco with an email signature graphic and window decals featuring a special logo that we can utilize for marketing purposes.  "We are thrilled to have Salco Products Inc. as a partner and look forward to continually benefitting your business with this program". Jama FabryRecycling Sales Representative.