Reflective Tape Bulk Strips, 4 by 18-Inches, Yellow

Part #: R4X150BY

ORALITE® (R4X150BY) Reflective Tape Bulk Strips are 4 inches wide by 18 inches long, and are a solid yellow color. Feature a .008 inch thin, single ply, no open-cell construction. They are ideal for marking sides of rail cars. Come in a pack of 100. FRA-224 compliant.

Key Features

  • High-visibility reflective tape greatly improves visibility and safety at night, in bad weather, and in poorly lit environments.
  • Extremely durable, impact and crack resistant.
  • Easily adheres to flat and curved surfaces.
  • Reflects light back to the source; retains reflective ability even when wet.
  • Meets all D.O.T. specs.
  • ORALITE® Microprism retro-reflective elements are integrally bonded to a flexible, weather-resistant UV-stabilized polymeric film.
  • Available in yellow and white, and can be ordered in 150 foot kiss-cut rolls, or pre-cut 18 inch and 36 inch strips.
  • 10-year warranty, including high-pressure washing and mechanical washing.