Lined Fittings Plate Assembly

Engineered to extend the lining and eliminate premature failure of the manway and fittings for corrosive rail and tank truck manway systems.

          Patent Pending
  • Conforms to Chlorine Institute Standards.
  • Can be spark tested up to 2000V (coating), 6,000V (Lining).
  • Works with all conductivity meters.
  • Solid protection for all wetted surfaces. Fully welded UHMWPE lining and Kynar coated.
  • Serrated sealing surfaces for a leak-free seal.
  • U.H.M.W. allows for a higher compression/torque vs. rubber lining.
  • Kynar coating can be repaired in the field for small areas.


Lined Fittings Plate

10" Lined Fill Hole Cover


2", 3" or 6" Blind Flange



Lined Pressure Relief Valve


Quick Inspect Safety Vent Housing


Lined Pipe Spool 6" x 7 1/2"


Surge Protector


2" or 3" Lined Flanged Ball Valve Xomox & Tufline


Eduction Tubes

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