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February 20, 2023

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Dedicated to meeting and exceeding the challenges of the freight transportation industry for 40 years, Salco Products, Inc. can help relieve the pressure of HM-216B qualification deadlines.

Our commitment to providing the best products, services and solutions to our customers is evident through our diverse line of AAR approved tank car components.

Keep compliant by allowing our Regulatory Compliance experts to assist with your tank car qualification and maintenance plan work instructions, per 49 CFR 180.509.


Featured HM-216B Parts and Components


Nozzle Gaskets Flange Gaskets Pressure Relief Valves Vacuum Relief Valves Quick Inspect Safety Vents Rupture Discs
Loading Adapters  Surge Protectors  Lift Assist  Eyebolts  Button Head Rivets  Fasteners


Threaded Downlegs Plug and Chain Assemblies Bottom Outlet Caps Bottom Unloading Adapters Bottom Outlet Valve Handles


Thread By Flange Flanged End Two-Piece Threaded 4" Bottom Outlet Valve

*Rebuild kits available for both 2" and 3" valves.

Jacket Plates Placard Holder Placards Stencils Conspicuity Tape




HM-216B Shop Poster HM-216B Catalog


Our 24” x 36” shop poster and component catalog are available for viewing online, but we can also send printed copies to your home or office. Click HERE to request yours today.   


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