Fittings Plates


Superior Lining For Superior Service

Engineered to extend the lifespan of the fittings plate and prevent premature failure in corrosive service for rail applications.
Salco’s Kynar® coated carbon steel fittings plates are equipped with a fully welded UHMWPE lining, which offers premium protection against corrosion from loading spills or vapor exposure. Leak free serrated sealing surfaces on flanges allow for higher compression/torque vs. rubber lining.

Built To Last

  • Solid protection for all wetted surfaces.
  • Fully welded UHMWPE lining and Kynar® coated. 
  • Conforms to Chlorine Institute Standards.
  • Can be spark tested up to 2000V (coating), 6,000V (Lining).
  • Works with all conductivity meters.
  • Serrated sealing surfaces for a leak-free seal.
  • U.H.M.W. allows for a higher compression/torque vs. rubber lining.
  • Kynar® coating can be repaired in the field for small areas.
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Fittings Plate's UHMWPE Lining

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